Updates from IBD South Africa – GroupElephant.com

IBD Team GroupElephant.com Spring 2015 (Matthew Bujnicki, Stacey Chin, Travis Dziubla, Ashley Lohmann) worked with Groupelephant.com – a South African conservation initiative.

IMG_2051 (1)

One of the highlights of business school is the opportunity we give ourselves to move out of our comfort zone and learn new things. That being said, no one on our team expected those “new things” to include “professional grade cinematography in the African wilderness,” and all the adventures and challenges that come with filming around large snakes, baboons, and cute baby rhinos weighing more than most motorcycles.


The African bush is an incredible place, and filming around the people and animals that reside there was a unique privilege, though not without its challenges. Our lead cinematographer Ashley Lohmann was chased onto the roof of a pickup truck by an agitated baby rhino; while she insists it was out for blood, we’re all pretty sure it just wanted a hug. During an on-camera interview of our client, we called out to tell others off-camera to keep quiet, only to realize everyone on the property was within 5 feet; the noise was coming from a family of baboons, who had found their way into our kitchen and were wreaking havoc on our refrigerator (sneaky buggers). We also spent months pre-travel trying to secure permits to fly a footage-capturing drone in the South African bush (which attracted quite a lot of attention from avid mini-conservationists). From food poisoning to incredibly insistent African wasps, the South African ecosystem made its presence known in our whirlwind 3-week film shoot. We left much better equipped to work in the midst of ambiguity.



Ashley with Rhino


In conclusion, we feel incredibly lucky to have participated in IBD, continuing IBD’s partnership with groupelephant.com. We’d like to share one of our final deliverables. May we present “Groupelephant.com and Beyond Corporate Purpose”:


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