Alumni Spotlight: Angela Dorsey-Kockler – Dual Degrees and a Delicious Career

Angela Dorsey-Kockler EWMBA 06, RD, a native of Lacon, Illinois, first came to California to complete her dietetic internship, which would allow her to become a registered dietitian.  Since she was passionate about her work and her independence, and wanted to stand out in her field  she came to Berkeley to continue her education.

Working full-time and attending Berkeley-Haas at night, Angela was driven to complete her MBA.  During her tenure at Berkeley, Angela worked as an Infant Nutrition Representative for Nestle, USA, educating physicians and nurses about infant nutrition products. Once graduated, Nestle promoted Angela to a Marketing Associate.  She says her Haas experience taught her to be competitive and confident and gave her the essential business skills she needed to take on this new role.

Though grateful for the exposure and experience she received at Nestle, Angela was happy to move on to a smaller, more entrepreneurial firm called Promax (an energy bar company).  There she was able to have her “hand in many pots,” which made the work more demanding, but also more interesting and fulfilling,.

Angela found success, – not shocking given her determination to “do [her] own thing,” and consequently, all those pretty letters after her name.

Currently Angela works as a stay at home mother, yet still gives back to her field and community by volunteering as the President of Portland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The organization aims to promote the success of RDs in their communities as well to improve the health of local citizens through food and nutrition.

In her current volunteer role Angela applies her Haas foundation to the great work she does. Managing volunteers to maintain focus on the common vision presents challenges, but she is excited to be learning more about non-profit work.

Angela is taking steps toward her ultimate dream job, which would be to own and run a non-profit restaurant for low-income, high-obesity families in her community.  The idea would be to provide an affordable alternative to people in need of a fast food option due to time constraints. Angela is thrilled about this “next phase” in her life, and the entrepreneurial dream really does suit her reality.

In her free time, Angela works on edible landscaping, and even envisions a chicken coop in her backyard to further promote ecologically and financially sustainable foods in her own home. Her work and her goals are truly inspiring, and she advises that Haas grads be open minded to all opportunities they may come across.  This “wavy curvy road” can lead to many places you wouldn’t predict, she says, and indeed it can. Admittedly, “it’s scary to go out and try something new,” but Angela is proof that it is well worth the risk.

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