Team Thermo Fisher: Exploring Chinese Culture Through Its Food

Team Thermo Fisher is Ashwin Baliga, Deba Mohanty, Riddhiman Ghosh and Adrian Kok.  We have been working with Thermo Fisher Scientific in Shanghai for the last two weeks.  In this blog, we explore Chinese culture through its food.

One of the key highlights of our trip has been the great food, and the culture that comes with it. Coming from California, where Chinese restaurants are ubiquitous and common, we found the variety in Shanghai bewildering.  Here, restaurants identify their cuisine from the province.  There are 23 provinces and 4 municipalities – each of which offer a unique taste.  Here is a sample.

Shanghai: Xiao Long Bao.  Tasty steamed hand-made dumplings with hot broth inside.  Served with vinegar and slices of ginger.  Eat with care!



Shanghai: cold, sweet appetizers – steamed chicken with chilli, sweet braised pork. Our saleslady from Thermo Fisher introduced us to some traditional Shanghainese fare.


Szechuan: Hot Pot.  Meat and vegetables are cooked in a pot of hot oil laced with spicy peppers.


Hubei: spicy frogs legs.  These tender frogs legs are laced with spices of central China, lending it a unique flavor.  Oh, and if you need to know, frogs legs taste like chicken, only more tender.


Shaanxi: home-made fresh tofu, served in cheesecloth.  Toufu is a national delicacy and prepared in many different fashions.  The Xibei restaurant serves food from the northern province of Shaanxi: fresh tofu with oat bread and noodles, accompanied by the most tender roasted lamb shanks and lamb kebabs.


Street Food: for the adventurous.  We found a variety of street food in our travels.  While we didn’t try these, we hope it will whet your appetite!



We would be amiss to call out China’s fine rice wine that complemented many a meal.


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