Team Thermo-Fisher with our clients

Team Thermo Fisher is Ashwin Baliga, Deba Mohanty, Riddhiman Ghosh and Adrian Kok.  We have been working with Thermo Fisher Scientific in Shanghai for the last two weeks.  Before we wrap up our visit, we’d like to share some of the people we’ve met and places we’ve been.


Our client, Thermo Fisher, is located in Pudong, which is west of the river (that bisects Shanghai).  The offices are located in a lush office park with a lake in the center and picturesque canals around it.  The park itself is set in a suburban area with lots of restaurants and bars around.


Our client provided us with a spare office which was well appointed with lots of space and conveniently located next to the pantry.  Every morning, the bottles of water were placed on the table for our use.  We had everything we needed to be productive!  Well, almost everything …. the Wi-fi coverage that we took for granted was actually quite spotty in our room, so we were provided a 3G Wi-Fi hotspot to augment our network connection.  It made simple tasks like formatting Powerpoint presentations a bit of a chore (“why is slide 59 still in Calibri?”)  Can you spot the Wi-Fi router in the picture below?Image

But overcoming obstacles is what we do best (by questioning the status quo) – with a few nights of hard work and sweat (not from Szechuan hot pot!) we completed our final presentation to our client last Thursday morning.  Now we can’t really say how he took it, but we are fairly confident (without attitude) that he was pleased.

ImageFor full disclosure, our work was very much made possible with the help from the Thermo Fisher team as well: there are too many to list here (no, this is not an Oscars acceptance speech), so we must simply acknowledge their assistance,especially for the help with translating and providing us critical feedback on our deliverables.


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