Haas Emerging Initiatives: Dar Um Jeito in Brasil

Our IBD team – Anand Lakhotia, Kartik Shah and Raju Kankipati – is working with Berkeley-Haas emerging initiatives to explore digital opportunities for Haas in business education. Our project started with a global macroeconomic analysis to identify the right initial target market – which came out to be Brazil. It then continued into an in-depth market research in Berkeley, Sao Paulo and Rio Di Janeiro to understand the business education landscape in Brazil and explore the opportunities for Haas there.

Dar Um Jeito: A popular slang in Brazil which means “Find a way to get things done”

Stepping in

Our team arrived in Sao Paulo separately. Raju arrived on 6th July and two other team members – Anand & Kartik arrived on 5th July hoping to do some sightseeing. But alas, there was no sightseeing on day 1. We spent an entire day on getting a prepaid sim card using our passport as an id proof. When we finally found a suitable store, it took us 2 hours to get the documentation done. We had to use google translate on the operator’s computer throughout our entire conversation as she didn’t speak a word of English. Dar Um Jeito!

That first day made us wonder if things would continue to be so slow without the support structure of an on-site client that many other IBD teams had. But we also learnt a few things there. We saw how incredibly helpful the people in Brazil were. We also developed a keen eye of spotting people who could speak some English in the crowd. Moreover, we got a good practice of the dumb charades game we used to play as kids

Our weekend went smoother after that and it included watching a soccer game between Sao Paulo and Santos sitting in the cheapest seats next to some of the craziest soccer fans in the world (Did someone say risk level 5?)


Sao Paulo vs Santos FC @ Estadio Morumbi


We had an action packed week lined up before us where we spoke to 25 people through interviews and focus groups. These meetings had to be conducted in the interviewee’s premises the farthest ends of the city, which ensured that we were always on the run.

To make things more interesting, Tuesday was a public holiday in Sao Paulo and most people were on a vacation. But we still managed to get enough candidates for a focus group that day. And since we had no private office space, we did it in one of the participant’s office space at Itau Bank. Dar Um Jeito!

Focus Group @ Bain

Focus Group @ Bain

Conducted interviews with students, alums, recruiters, industry experts in various settings

Conducted interviews with students, alums, recruiters, industry experts in various settings

The data we got from our week 1 of market research was a setback to us. We realized that our initial hypothesis had no market in Brazil. We needed to find a new direction and find it fast. We had a few ideas but just 1 week of field work left to be done in Rio. Oh, we had a week in Rio coming up!


Rio  is beautiful! Beaches, mountains, restaurants, bars – it’s a paradise.

At the end of week 1, the project seemed to have gone down the cliff and that’s what we did in Rio too.  Jump off the cliff.

No, seriously!

Ok, we were tied to a hang glider.

Hang gliding in Rio

Hang gliding in Rio

After a fun weekend in Rio, we went back to work. Only, this time the interviews started Sunday evening. We were eager to validate some of the ideas we had with the alums, recruiters, students, professors and experts that we were meeting. Slowly, the ideas began to take shape and we were able to see some real interest in our new hypothesis from the key stakeholders. We have so far met 22 people here in Rio through interviews and focus groups.

Today, as we prepare our final presentation we feel very confident in our recommendations and analysis. We feel much better than what we felt a week ago and have come a long way during our two weeks here in Brazil.

Dar Um Jeito!

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