Meet the Face of IBD–Kevin Casey, MBA 09

Kevin Casey, MBA 09, calls IBD the best teamwork experience thus far in life.

Featured prominently on the web home page for the Berkeley MBA Program’s International Business Development course is Kevin Casey, MBA 09 (above with a friend). The IBD team decided to introduce people to this “face of IBD” in a recent email:

On his application for the IBD program, Casey requested the most adventurous project in the most exotic location. We answered by sending Kevin and two of his classmates, Tony Duynstee, MBA 09, and Will Wright, MBA 09, to the Falkland Islands.  The team completed a feasibility assessment for the development of a sustainable tourism industry in the Jason Islands, on behalf of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Kevin recalls, “Working with scientists in Argentina, academics in Chile, military in the Falklands, and fundraisers from New York City demonstrated how challenging global projects can be.  More importantly, it taught me how an effective small team can lead much larger institutions to tackle daunting challenges.”

 This wasn’t just any team.  Atypical for IBD, this team had only three members, one of whom was a former navy seal.  As for exotic location, there is only one flight a week connecting the Falklands and Argentina.  Upon returning to Berkeley, Kevin reflected that this was the best teamwork experience he had thus far in his life.

 Now, Kevin is running New Avenue, a company he started while studying at Berkeley-Haas.  New Avenue sells architecture services, loans and construction services to families who want to convert their single family houses for multigenerational living.

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