Muito Obrigado

After a 26 hour marathon with missed flights and delays, the ePrimeCare team finally made it back to San Francisco. As we waited at the arrival lobby at SFO International, each of us knew that one of the most memorable experiences of the entire MBA program was drawing to a close. The past 17 days had given us an opportunity to experience a country, culture and a company more intimately than we ever thought possible.

Haas conquers the Sugar Loaf

Let me back up a bit. After the series of interviews in the first week of our in-country engagement at ePrimeCare, we focused next on gaining a thorough understanding on the internal workings of the company. We had discussions with the IT development team, the operations team and the sales account managers. We spent several hours poring over the balance sheets, income statements and burn rates. Finally, having wrapped our minds around both the internal and external aspects of the business, we sat as a team to brainstorm and determine a set of clear strategic recommendations to put ePrimeCare on a successful trajectory. In the spirit of “Challenging the status quo” we decided to prepare our final presentation on Prezi . For the last two days and much of the nights, we worked hard at putting our presentation together. We ended up with a 120 slide deck chockfull of insights, suggestions and recommendation. We presented our recommendations to the CEO and CFO of ePrimeCare and the entire management team (CEO, CFO and Directors) of ePrimeCare’s VC, Confrapar. For us, the most fascinating part of the engagement was the opportunity to study, analyze and understand a company in its entirety. We were able to observe and analyze the product development, operations, sales, marketing, finance, competitive landscape, pricing, and customers and gain a C-suite perspective on a company.

The conference room that became our command center for two weeks

1:20AM – Final presentation under construction

All set for the final presentation

During our two weeks at ePrimeCare, we got used to a work hard play hard lifestyle. We would get into work by 9:30AM and generally work till 7:30PM. We would then join Mario and Leonardo, the CFO and CEO, and on occasion their families for dinner. One evening we joined the entire ePrimeCare team for happy hour at a local bar and really felt like a part of the ePrimeCare family. And along the way we made it to the local newspapers, not once, but twice.

Article about ePrimeCare and our IBD team in Jornal Brasil Econômico

Article in Jornal Estado de Minas

From attending a soccer game between Atlético and Internacional to joining the locals for a traditional tropeiro lunch, we also found time to really immerse ourselves in the Brazilian culture. On Saturday, we checked out of the hotel and joined Leonardo and his family at his home for lunch. We enjoyed the traditional cuisine of Minas Gerais. Lunch started with Feijoada and concluded with a spread of seven types of dessert ranging from guava jelly to doce de leite. And then it was time to say goodbye and head to the airport. Muito obrigado to our new found friends in Brazil – Leonardo, Mario, Dina, Gabriel, Rodrigo, Mariana, Marcello, and the entire ePrimeCare team – for their unbounded hospitality, for their cheerful friendliness and for making our stay in Brazil really amazing.

– Shamik, Shisher, Yaro and Matt

Football – Brazilian Style

Tropeiro Porção

Lunch with the ePrimeCare team


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