Hello from Belo Horizonte

Bom Dia,

It is Day 7 in Brazil for the ePrimeCare team. In the past week, we have spent some R&R time in Rio and started working with our clients in Belo Horizonte. And everything has been well – “ta bom”.

Our adventures began on July 5th when we landed in Rio bright and early at 9AM. We wasted no time in hitting the beach at Ipanema. In the next couple of days we visited Sugar Loaf and Corcavado, discovering the unparalleled vistas that Rio had to offer.

We met up with Dina, Gabriel and Rodrigo from Confrapar (one of ePrimeCare’s primary investor) and got to enjoy Rio in true carioca style. We spent an evening at a local bar in Lapa. The next night we accompanied our carioca friends to a Jazz Club within a favela returning home in the wee hours of the morning. Over beers, we also got great opportunities to share and discuss our insights on ePrimeCare.

Early AM at a favela in Rio

On Sunday afternoon we arrived in Belo Horizonte to begin the in-country phase of our project. Over the last three days, we have spent most of our time in interviews. Courtesy of our Haas IBD credentials, we have been able to attain unprecedented access to some of the most important stakeholders in the healthcare system in southern Brazil. We had an opportunity to interview the Director of the Unimed Federation of Minas Gerias. Unimed is the largest healthcare cooperative in the world with over 18 million beneficiaries. We also had an opportunity to interview the Health Director of Cabesp and the entire management team at Arcelor Mittal Abeb. Finally, we visited Fundação Dom Cabral, one of the top ranked business schools in Brazil. We got a full campus tour and had a great discussion with Prof. Osvino regarding the healthcare system in Brazil. The interviews have given us a clear understanding of the Brazilian healthcare system. We also cracked open our Problem Finding Problem Solving toolkit to ideate on strategic opportunities for ePrimeCare.

Day 1 at ePrimeCare

Cracking open the PFPS Toolkit

With the executive team at Arcelor Mittal Abeb

Warm welcome at Fundação Dom Cabral

Well, that’s all for now.

–       Shamik, Shisher, Yaro and Matt

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