SIB EWMBA: China – Shanghai, the beginning of the trip’s end

Shanghai, the ultra modern chinese city, gave us a very warm reception with clear sky and a full moon to die for. The contrast with Beijing and Xi’an is striking, this is definitively a city where a westerner would have an easier time living (I know I would :))

On our first day we had a very busy schedule, we went to Silicon Valley bank (US listed under stock ticker: SIVB) who is very excited as they starting full operations in August. We then drove across the city to meet Intel and understand all the strategy thinking they have to do in order to operate in China. After Intel, we rushed back to the city for a another great presentation by the GAP business leaders to understand their strategy on market penetration in China.

As we experience China one of the things that is extremely interesting its full of contradictions, as one of our guests pointed out. The moment you think you understand it, you are thrown a curve ball breaking your theory. But one thing is true, China’s 1 billion population has woken up from a very long cut-from-the-world sleep. If we think of China as a teenager you will find they are eager to find who they are, have super high energy, are willing to take risks and have big dreams of becoming number one in the world.

Food microblog: not exotic but delicious Xiao Long Baos


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