Mexico City + salaUno Recap

In this final post by team salaUno2, you’ll find:

1.)  our primary project takeaway
2.)  outreach eye-camps seem to work well
3.)  our beautiful weekend excursion
4.)  clement eats bugs
5.)  sarah’s glorious video

We are once again north of the border, after three exhausting but wonderful weeks in Mexico City.   The time flew.  We worked a lot, 10-hr days everyday, but the project was incredibly interesting and rewarding, and our group got along incredibly well… we were still sitting hanging out together at both airports on our journey home.

1.) Project takeaway:  HR is often under-emphasized. It is a crucial part of any business, particularly in the start-up environment. We worked on and experienced so many pressing HR issues that were top-of-mind to salaUno’s co-founders and the entire organization…it was an eye-opening and truly enriching experience. We’re hoping to influence Haas to have more organizational change and personnel management classes in the future.

2.) Before heading to Valle de Bravo, we attended a Saturday outreach eye-camp, where we witnessed salaUno’s effectiveness in action. In a remote, low-income area about an hour outside of the city, they saw around 78 patients for free check-ups, where they found an approximate 25% occurrence of cataracts among those who came and fitted many for glasses. We were glad to have been able to observe and help out at this event!

3.) Valle de Bravo is beautiful!  salaUno co-founder Javier was nice enough to invite both salaUno Haas teams to his family’s beautiful lake home during our 2nd weekend.  It was not only gorgeous, but a welcome reprieve from the Mexico City air pollution.  We feasted every meal, relaxed, caught up on sleep, and loaded up on some local purchases at the incredible town market.

4.) Clement went Beyond Himself and Questioned the Status Quo.

His diet included grasshoppers,

  worms…. and he even ate this (!). 

Note: he paid his own money to eat these…

5.) Check out a lovely recap of our trip, created by the talented Sarah Fisher!

Over and out –


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