IBD Update from Peru

Hello from Lima!

Team Haas-Peru has spent the last two weeks discovering the gastronomical adventure that is Peruvian cuisine. With the help of our client and amateur food critic Jose Carlos, we’ve gained an appreciation for the provocative flavors which are unlike anything else in the world.

Start with potatoes, chilies, and other spices from the Andes, add seafood from the coast and tropical fruits from the Amazon.  Then apply indigenous, Spanish, Italian and other European traditions and finally sprinkle Japanese and Chinese flavors on top.  The result?  Peruvian cuisine – true fusion food.

We have also learned of the “Peruvian Lunch” which entails a two hour midday break for feasting with multiple courses.

With the excessive caloric intake you might suspect that we’ve had to loosen a notch or two on our belts, but no!  We’ve found the secret to staying trim in Peru: sand boarding.

Last weekend the team ventured south to fly over the famed Nazca Lines – 1,000+ year old geoglyphs in the Atacama desert.  En route, we spent the night at the Huacachina Oasis which is surrounded by one of the world’s largest sand dunes.  We spent the afternoon touring on a dune buggy – imagine a personalized roller coaster – and sand boarding.

With one week left, we still have a few more ‘musts’ to try.  Today we’ve planned to experience Chifa (Chinese/Peruvian fusion) and are hoping to sample Cuy (grilled guinea pig) later in the week.  Stay tuned for the rest of our foodie adventure.

-Richard (Team Haas-Peru)

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