Updates from IBD: Team Tekes

IBD: Team Tekes, Half-Time report.

So, Renewable Energy right? Canada right?… how about the last couple of weeks!… Team Tekes (Isabel Feng, Mary Florcruz, Mazdak Luni and me),  has been traveling all across the second largest country in the world….  we have now made our 3rd time zone (soon making our 4th in Finland) and are definitely starting to feel the jetlag; that and the fact that we have been working our brains on 5 different final papers, trying to converge our very divergent problems, including overall recommendations for our prime client, Tekes. We have been attached to our computers for 16 hours a day on average and seen not as much outside as we would like.  Yes, yes.. it sounds like whining too much right?.. yes, we are jelaous of you all encountering wild animals in safari lands or working hard in Brazilian beaches, but seriously… 5 companies, 5 cities (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, (Amsterdam counts), Helsinki!!, 2 continents, 2 energy sectors (biomass, wind), 3 languages (English, French, Finnish)… 16 visits, a hundred conference calls, but all extremely interesting… It has been indeed a true learning experience. No sarcasm at all.

Add to that our team interactions. We are representing BerkeleyHaas from China, Pakistan, Mexico and the United States!!, living together, sharing small talks and deep talks.. the future, business, religion, politics, love lives, etc…

We have also managed to visit a handful of bars and restaurants in Canada (not included in the 16 visits ok?) and done some ethnographic research. For instance, at one bar in Toronto I was asked if my mustache was real… seriously. Then I learned later why, as it turned out that the bar was full with only women. Mazdak and I were the only guys (but he is wearing no mustache so I don’t know what the bouncer assumed). It was all fun!

Even when at bars, we were discussing the state of Energy in Canada…. Our ethnographic research extended those ethylic territories, so we ran a few experiments to understand the energy density of ethanol, which I’m sure many of you know is .. well, not-that-clean.

For those who thought going to Canada would be adventure level 1, just watch the this video!  Apparently, we just made it out of the student protests in Montreal now. The colorful building you see on the video… well, we stayed in front of it until yesterday..  There were more than 700 students arrested today…. Fiufff!!

Canada LEVEL 5!


Ok.. that’s it for now. We will bring more soon from Helsinki, … the mecca of contemporary industrial design.

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