Updates from IBD: So….a Spaniard, a Chinese guy, and two Americans walk into a paper mill

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before…Amidst a two-ton “parent” paper towel roll (see photo below), the International Business Development (IBD) team from Berkeley-Haas donned the requisite steel toe shoe covers, hair nets, and ear plugs to transform ourselves not only into stand-ins for the “Candy Factory” episode from I Love Lucy, but also to equip ourselves to tour a Kimberly Clark (KC) paper mill in central Costa Rica. Our objective was simple: to observe how a “parent” paper towel roll becomes napkins, toilet paper, kitchen towels and finally bathroom hand towels.

“Parent” paper towel roll from El Salvador mill
Team KCP sports the latest in safety equipment, including steel-toed shoe covers, hair nets, ear plugs, and for Toby, a facial hair cover to protect that GQ smile.

The plant’s Asset Conversion Leader, explained all of the different processes for printing patterns on the parent roll, producing the inner cardboard tubes, cutting the parent into individual rolls, and packaging hand towels for distribution. The tour was an amazing experience and we have the paper cuts to prove it!

Processing the cardboard inner tubes for paper towels and toilet paper. Hamster enthusiasts beware!

The Kimberly Clark Professional office has been exceptionally welcoming and informative during our first day of work and we are looking forward to learning more about reclaiming hand towels and promoting social responsibility in Costa Rica!

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