Tweeting Worth Repeating: Buzz from Dean Lyons’ Speech to Higher Ed. Marketers

The Twittersphere was abuzz when Dean Lyons addressed the 2011 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in Chicago. Here are some of the nuggets captured by Twitterers at the Nov. 7 American Marketing Association event. (To learn more, listen to this AMA preview podcast of the Dean’s keynote.)

@TheLawlorGroup (The Lawlor Group): Rich Lyons, Dean of the Haas School of Business, UC-Berkeley kicks off #amahighered today with presentation about “authentic branding.”

@amymengel (amy mengel): Higher Ed does not have the legitimacy it once did in the public eye. Collective issue for all institutions. @richlyons #amahighered

@markgr (Mark Greenfield): Our education system was built for a world that no longer exisits (sic). @richlyons has the vision to fix this #amahighered

@Eduvantis (Eduvantis LLC): “authentic branding is about telling the truth and becoming the truth” Rich Lyons, Dean Berkeley Haas #amahighered

@johntlawlor (John T. Lawlor): “If you don’t establish urgency up front (at the beginning of the process), you aren’t going to succeed.” @richlyons at #amahighered keynote

@Eduvantis (Eduvantis LLC): “How are you going to change the product? Branding is more than communications…” Rich Lyons, Dean Berkeley Haas #amahighered

@robzinkan (Rob Zinkan): Put as many “path-bending” leaders in the system as you can. – @richlyons #amahighered

@carrieSfuller (Carrie Fuller):#amahighered good advice from @richlyons: involve the faculty in your transformation strategy!

@TeriLucie (Teri Lucie Thompson): #amahighered Rich Lyons: disruption important. Couldn’t agree more–it helps drive innovation.

@deanflagel (Andrew Flagel): words that fail to differentiate higher ed brands: leadership, excellence, diversity, innovation? what else? #AMAhighered

@markgr (Mark Greenfield): Love these principles: Question the status quo, Confidence without attitude, Students always, Beyond yourself @richlyons #amahighered

@LayneFuller (Layne Fuller): Can’t be said enough about core values and principles – find the right words, not ones everyone else is saying. @richlyons #amahighered

@readMedia (readMedia): Part of UC-Berkeley Haas branding effort was codifying existing culture, not building one from scratch. @richlyons #amahighered

@RayJWZ5 (Ray Witkowski): One of the finer AMA keynotes I’ve heard! Good kick-off to the sessions. Thanks, @richlyons! #amahighered #Z5FocusEd

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