GEORGIA – Your Meeting Point

Georgia is a country which has made significant progress in its transition. You may not believe the changes in this country, so you need to see for yourself and enjoy your time in Georgia.

Georgia is a historical country and the recorded history dates back more than four thousand years. As a democratic state the country is young and celebrated 20th anniversary of independence two weeks ago. Georgia has a great natural landscape and one fourth of the country was designated as national parks. It is a great destination for tourists. There are over 12,000 historical and cultural monuments, eight of those listed as cultural heritage by UNESCO. We had a hiking experience east of the country where we were able to see Azerbaijan. The flora is great and the country offers birdwatching for the visitors. Did you know that Georgia had more than 500 variety of grape?

Rich flora with spider and its web

Unemployment is a problem, officially 16.3%. If you think about informal unemployment, this figure may reach up to 30%. Foreign direct investment (FDI) in this sense is very important in both decreasing the balance of payments deficit and generate employment opportunities for people.

Our project was to come up with a marketing plan to increase FDI inflows by increasing FDI attractiveness of the country. Considering low risk appetite of investors, our job was not easy. EOD, I believe we did a very good job and it will contribute to the prosperity of the country and wealth of people. This is another definition of happiness for me, to make a positive change for someone and this time we are talking at least about four million people. This is happiness over happiness!

The responsiveness of people and welcoming us were great. We had meetings with three ministers. Sharing their precious time with us is worth appreciating. Our meeting with Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development was published on the news. We had a warm welcome by other high level officials. The people who we interviewed with were all motivated to increase the value of their country and provide opportunities for their people. The project itself has been a great experience for all of us.

Meeting with the Minister

We had a chance to visit Public Service Hall where all legislative procedures are combined at one place. You can get your passport in hours. If you do not have any photo with you, there are self-serving booths where you can take your biometric photos in minutes.

Public Service Hall

I was happy to witness the strong tie between Turkey and Georgia. Citizens of both countries can visit each country not only without visa but without passport, just with their national IDs. I met several Georgian officials who could speak Turkish. Because in Batumi 80% of investors are Turkish. On the other hand, many people tried to speak in Georgian with me. They thought I was Georgian and guiding the tourists (Allan, Pulak and Rahul)!

Kind of Great Wall in Georgia


Warm and friendly people with great hospitality! I feel like I’m home. And now, we have good friends in Georgia!

Your meeting point awaits you!

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