Trawling for Sustainability Solutions

Greeting from Gabon! Our team is stationed in Libreville, working with WCS to find ways to incentivize sustainability of Gabon’s shrimp fisheries. We have been analyzing several market-based ways to achieve this, such as Payments for Environmental Services, Eco-Labeling, and Local Transformation Projects. Very exciting!

It has been so fascinating to dive into the Gabonese fishing industry and trawl for potential value-add solutions. I referenced trawling in the title of this posting as well. Trawling is what shrimp boats do!

We have had the opportunity to talk to all of the key players that we identified on our stakeholder map, from owners of fishing companies to NGOs like WWF and WCS to even the Director General of Fishing and Wildlife!

We have been utilizing all of our PFPS skills to find creative solutions, including the business model canvas, mindmaps and SWOT analyses. We’re gonna need more post-its!

We have been enjoying our nights out in Libreville too, sampling a wide variety of indigenous cuisine, ranging from pizza to schwarma to even hamburgers. We’ll certainly miss it when we get back to the Bay Area!

—Gustavo Ribeiro

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