Memories of Temeke

The IBD program has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally.In Tanzania, I was inspired by the amazing people who were willing to go the extra mile to help us with our project.For instance, when our team needed help visiting pit latrines in poor urban areas, I was able to connect with Adelaida Bugomola, the Executive Director of TWESA which is a local water and sanitation NGO in Dar es Salaam.Not only did she direct us to the Temeke district but she took the time out of her busy day to personally escort us through the neighborhood with a local latrine technician.What really impressed us the most however was that it was raining pretty hard that day, yet she had no problem walking through the muddy alleyways in her high heels!

On a side note, when we first entered the district, the school day had just ended and we were greeted by hundreds of smiling school children who were curious, yet amused by our visit. It was definitely one of my most surreal experiences in Tanzania.

After greeting the children, Adelaida introduced us to the locals and served as our translator.We were able to listen to the people’s stories and gained a better understanding about the latrine situation in Dar es Salaam.Our visit to the Temeke district provided us with valuable information that will be instrumental in developing a viable sanitation strategy in Tanzania. Had it not been for Adelaida, visiting these poor urban areas would have been extremely difficult. Her dedication to improving the sanitation situation in Dar es Salaam as well as her willingness to help four MBA students whom she had never met are some of the many experiences that I will always remember.

—Min Thian

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