Life changing experience in Ghana

What an amazing experience! To come to Ghana to help improve the life condition of children and small farmers, and to have such a rewarding experience for that.

In these weeks, I’ve met very special people: People who have shown me a different perspective of life. People who have taught me many life lessons. People who definitely have left strong marks on me and changed my mindset forever.

I can now understand some of the pain and challenges a 10 year old child faces. A child who asks for water when what he really wants is money. A child who seems frightened by the Kwasi Obroni (my name in the local language, which means “Sunday-White”. From the local tradition, people in Ghana receive names from their weekday of birth). It significantly increased my feeling of responsibility to help change that reality.

I witnessed the poor life conditions of some of the farmers we are trying to help. Farmers who live in a shack in the middle of a farm. A shack with no electricity, no water, and no sewage system. A shack with 30 minutes walk to the closest street. But then I also witnessed the reach of technology— these very same farmers somehow owning and using cell phones.

I had the privilege to meet and become friends with one of the local heroes. Israel Kpekpena paved his path from a poor working childhood to a MBA degree. Now he helps his community, is president of the Youth group in his town, and leads social impact initiatives such as a beach soccer team. Watching his speech to those beach soccer players was inspiring – despite the fact that I did not understand a single word of the local dialect. It inspired me to also give a speech to these men, to bring them hope by talking about the perspective of a country (Brazil) that produces lots of soccer stars who had begun just like them.

What a memorable and life changing experience.

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