Contrasts in India

It’s my second time in the South India and I still get surprised every single day by this country. I only realize how different cultures can get to be till I come here. To be more specific, I’ll share my experiences in India with animals and music.

Won’t you take a step back if you find a cow relaxing in the front door of your working place? It seems that this doesn’t surprise anybody here. Indian public places are full of cows and other animals as elephants and peacocks. However, local people seem amazed to see white foreigners walking around to the point that they want to take pictures with us and force their children to come talk with us!

Or how will you feel if an elephant grabs your head with its trump to bless you? From the pictures you can see… I wasn’t as comfortable as Sarah!

And how will you react if your client starts singing in the middle of a meeting? Won’t you start laughing? I have to admit that now, every time it happens, our team can’t avoid exchanging funny looks.

We also have found music in the most unexpected places. All elevators keep playing the exactly same song all day long. Is this a way to encourage you to use the stairs? Save energy and do some exercise! Also, we found a rickshaw with a great sound and fancy lightning system in its little “trunk”.

One last advice, if you find one of those cows in the street, be careful! Don’t try to play with it: Brian tried it and we almost lost him!!!

—Ana Faba

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