Serious “research” in Gabon

So, our project was to conduct a feasibility study on sustainable shrimp fishing in Gabon. Basically trying to find ways to bypass the need for the local government to do its job and enforce the law and come up with market based solutions that will be so fantastic, that the local fishing companies would way “uhh, ok, sure”.

So, after 2 hard working weeks we concluded that it’s not feasible. There is no magic bullet and if you want something done in this country, you better pray you are on the administration’s good side. So what this meant is that basically the week we allocated for the actual implementation plan was of little use to us. So, we decided to spend our time doing more “research”.

So, we hopped on a night train on Friday night to Lope national park to do some extensive “research”. In Lope we were told we could find monkeys, elephants, gorillas, gazelles, and “shrimp” for our “research”. (Lope is in the middle of the country with no ocean in sight, the perfect place for “shrimp”). Since we have so much time, we are staying here until Wednesday.

So on Saturday evening we went for a short night safari, Got to see monkeys and an elephant. Yesterday Gustavo and I got to do some extensive “research” deep in the jungles of Lope, seeing more wildlife.

Thursday is a holiday in Gabon, so we are planning on some more research on the beach.

Life is good 🙂

—Ran Haimoff

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