School Feeding Programme – Ghana

In developing countries, most of the schools lack canteens or cafeterias. The School Feeding Programme is an initiative to take food to students in poor communities to:

  • Reduce hunger
  • Improve enrollment, retention and learning
  • Relieve parents

The first phase of our project was about interviewing farmers, caterers, schools and districts committees. For that, we divided in groups of three (two Haas students and one Ghanaian MBA student) to visit different regions of the country.

A 7-hour drive in a pick-up took us to the center region of Ghana (Kumasi and Brong Ahafo). The bad condition of the road, the heat and an insane diarrhea were the bad aspects of the trip. On the other hand, having the chance to visit schools and talk to locals were the reward. People were extremely friendly and they all seemed really happy about our presence.

Although English is the official language, many of the children and farmers only speak the “akan”, a local language. In these cases, communication happened in many forms, like gestures, smiles and the universal language: football! Ghanaians are crazy about the game and they were really excited about me being Brazilian. Every time I told someone I am from Brazil the person responded with a name of a famous Brazilians player. In one of the schools, I had to show all my skill in a game against 50 children.

—Francisco Carvalho

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