PCD and Ghana

On the 4th day in Ghana, we finally had an opportunity to meet our client, children in school eating school feeding. Our team is now staying in Ghana and working on a project to find ways to link local communities with Ghana School Feeding Programme(GSFP).

Of course, we have a legitimate client, Partnership for Child Development(PCD), a global consortium of civil society organizations, academic institutions, and technical experts that engages on specific issues in specific countries. But, at least for me, children benefitting from school feeding are important clients. Seeing children smilling and enjoying school feeding easily fuels my motivation. It is one of the most important aspects of working on a real project to be able to meet beneficiaries of your project.

Besides children, we met a lot of stakeholders of the project in Ghana, ranging from local farmers to Ghanaian government officials, school teachers to market women. Having interviews with them and listening to their insights about GSFP not only helped me deepen our understanding of the program, but also broadened our horizons. Now, it’s our turn to crystallize our findings and learnings into tangible deliverables.

—Satoru Tanabe

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