Ghana and IBD

My visit to Ghana has made me once again aware of how diverse human life can be. I have been surprised (in good and bad ways) by the food, the houses, and in general by the way of overcoming the little everyday challenges in a not only functional but also aesthetic way. I have had the excitement of capturing a beautiful everyday scene with my camera one day, but also the frustration of being stuck in violent traffic the next day. I’ve enjoyed talking with farmers who externally look very different from me but who share the same problems of any farmer in the world, myself included. Furthermore, I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from the neighboring countries and have grown an interest in visiting them in the future, especially the immediate neighbor Cote d’ivoire whose citizens don’t cease to surprise me with their friendliness and their rhythmic approach to life.

Working in this project has been a great opportunity to learn more about my classmates and be enriched by their diverse cultural backgrounds. It has been interesting to see how different working styles can come together to add value to the country’s school feeding program. Some days have been great, some not so much, but all have contributed to enrich me.

—Luis Lopez

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