Blogging in Madagascar

The 4th largest island in the world, Madagascar has some intriguing dichotomies. A very poor country in socio-economic aspects but extremely wealthy when it comes to the richness of its wildlife. I would like to show how these characteristics translate into real happenings.

The GDP per capita is around $1,000 / year, putting the country behind many of its African peers. In day-to-day reality, it translates in Mateo shopping for office supplies in the middle of an open food fair (check attached photo).

On the other hand, 85% of the species that exist in Madagascar are not found anywhere else in the world. This means that Tarun is walking around in a sunny day and suddenly a lemur jumps in his shoulder to try to get a piece of banana (check attached photo).

One of the most valuable aspects of IBD is certainly the opportunity to meet these different realities all over the world.

—Danilo Rodgrigues

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